Seca CT CarioPad XL Screen ECG Machine




Comes With:
Rechargeable batteries
Patient cable
Alligator Clips
Pack of paper
500 disposable electrodes

Tablet style, touch screen, 12 lead ECG machine. With 15″ high resolution colour screen.
Compatible with all leading EMR systems e.g., emis, SystmOne, vision, isoft and others
Paperless ECG option
Download a high quality pdf ECG directly in to the patient’s medical record
New Feature: Download a pdf ECG to a standard USB stick for easy attachment with all leading EMR systems. Also ideal for Apple Mac PC’s. No need for additional PC software
New Preview Screen Feature: Review 12-lead ECG on-screen prior to printing, saves paper
Revolutionary new ECG with full touch screen technology (15″ high resolution)
High quality built-in thermal printer
Get complete clinical information with the in-built interpretation software
QTC interval ideal for Mental Health
Capture and store 5 minutes of uninterrupted 12 lead data to document intermittent arrhythmias
High volume internal memory storage of up to 350 ECG’s

CT CardioPad ECG Paper


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Seca CT CarioPad XL Screen ECG Machine